More information on What We Have Heard From The Beginning
Tom Thatcher
The past fifty years have seen powerful shifts in the methods and objectives of Biblical Studies. The study of the Johannine Literature, in particular, has seen a proliferation of new approaches, as well as innovative exegetical and theological conclusions. This volume surveys the emerging landscape... (more)
More information on Theology and Families (Challenges in Contemporary Theology)
Adrian Thatcher
This timely book, by one of the world's leading theologians in this field, makes a positive theological contribution to present intellectual and practical discussions about families and children. * Explores the intellectual and practical debates about the changing nature of family forms, roles... (more)
More information on Bumper 1/ Art for Bible Themes 2
David Thatcher / Susan Sayers
Inside you will find 92 pages of fabulous artwork to make this book extra special and exciting. The Kevin Mayhew Bumper Book was previously published as Instant Art for Bible Themes Worksheets, Book 2 and Instant Art Bible Worksheets, Book 3.