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Clive Anderson & Brian Edwards
This book will surprise and inform you as you turn the pages of history with the pages of your Bible. A fantastic resource.
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Joel Edwards
This is a new 4 week group or individual guide based on "Micah" 6:8, providing the central resource for 'Micah Challenge' - a significant global movement where all national campaigns join together to provide a stronger global voice in its efforts to hold leaders to account to halve extreme poverty b... (more)
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Joel Edwards
No one ever came to Jesus and left His presence unchanged, and these six studies will enable you to encounter Him afresh in ways that will make a difference to your life. Throughout this Lenten season explore contemporary issues with Joel Edwards and be encouraged to act on what you learn from si... (more)
More information on Footsteps Of The Past: Kings, Pharaohs And Bandits
Brian Edwards / Clive Anderson
Treasure that is not jewels, bandits’ gold, mysterious writing and dead bodies all wrapped up helps us to understand the world of the Old Testament. Here you can see the fantastic Pharaohs, the horrible pictures of the Assyrians, the elegant drinking vessels of the Persians, and the son of a king wh... (more)
More information on Footsteps Of The Past: Romans, Gladiators And Games
Brian Edwards / Clive Anderson
Gladiators fighting to the death, cruel emperors who control the lives of millions and marbles you cannot roll—all waiting for you to discover. Step into the exciting world of the first century, see how people lived, worked, played and died. Into this world a new religion was born. See what marks th... (more)
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Jonathan Edwards
According to Jonathan Edwards, heaven will be a world of holy love. God himself is the source of this love, and in heaven he will impart it perfectly to all his people. Edwards unfolds the nature, expression, effects, and enjoyment of this best of all the gifts God ever bestows on those who believe.... (more)
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Sue Edwards / Kelley Matthews / Henry J. Rogers
How should you relate to the opposite sex in a working environment? Are the rules different for Christians? The New Testament treats Christian men and women as sacred siblings. Is that relationship a reality in your ministry? In Mixed Ministry, the male and female authors explore complex and thorny ... (more)
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David B Capes / Rodney Reeves / E Randolph Edwards
More information on Why Twenty Seven
Brian H Edwards
In recent days the composition of the New Testament has again been questioned. From the false accusations found in The Da Vinci Code book and film and the widely reported ‘Gospel according to Judas’, it is clear there is a need for believers to know why there are only 27 books in the New Testament.