More information on Moms Go Where Angels Fear to Tread
Joan Wester Anderson
Contains personal stories and observations about the everyday experiences of motherhood that culminate in unexpected insights. This title tells stories that run the gamut from the day to day high drama of trying to do too much in too little time to trying to find a life beyond motherhood.
More information on How To Study The Bible
Robert West
What is it that keeps God's children hopeful in a hopeless world? What guarantees can a person cling to on the most difficult of days? Readers will find dozens of God's most uplifting guarantees in 199 Promises of God. This compact book offers real and powerful promises from the Creator of the unive... (more)
More information on Patmos Speaks Today
John Allen Weston
John Weston has spent many years leading tours of Biblical sites in the Middle East. Now he has brought together a series of meditations, first on the Isle of Patmos, and then on each of the seven churches in present-day Turkey which are mentioned in the early chapters of the book of Revelation in t... (more)
More information on Genesis (The People's Bible Commentary)
West, Gerald
The book of beginnings frames our reading of the whole Bible and shapes so much of our theological thinking. It is an intensely theological book dealing with questions of cosmic significance, yet it is also the unfolding tale of one particular family full of human experiences and emotions. In his co... (more)
More information on Big Argument: Does God Exist?
John Ashton / Michael Westacott
John Ashton, the editor who brought us In Six Days and On the Seventh Day, has done it again with this compelling new book that is a must-read for all Christians. In this exciting new book, Ashton brings together the evidence of 24 scholars from the fields of science, archaeology, and philosophy to ... (more)
More information on Make All Things New: Stories of Healing, Reconciliation, and Peace
Caroline Westerhoff
Written with grace and sensitivity, Make All Things New is a collection of fourteen essays that focus on the themes of healing, peace, and reconciliation – topics as timely today as they have ever been. Well-known Anglican writer and preacher John Westerhoff, the husband of the author, has written t... (more)
More information on Uniformed and Unfilled: A Critique of the Gap Theory
Weston Fields
From the Publisher's Preface: "This book is must reading for every serious person interested in the literal Biblical account of the six days of creation, and especially in analyzing the "gap theory". It leaves no stone unturned in dealing with the Hebrew text and it's proper understanding and transl... (more)
More information on Praying by the Book: Reading the Psalms
Craig Bartholomew / Andrew West
It may seem odd to think of Psalms as a book with a beginning, middle and end. We tend to think of individual psalms and continually return to our favourites as we seek God amidst the challenges of life. There is, however, growing evidence that the Psalter is more than a collection of individual psa... (more)
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William Weston