More information on I Think It's God Calling
Katy Magdelene Price
In a bittersweet daydream moment, you know that the life you have is not the only one you could have had, and you wonder... Meet Katy - six years ago, she thought she had life all worked out. She was in her early 20s, had a home, a good job and a happy marriage, and thought that was it. As for Go... (more)
More information on Wisdom from Above, Vol. 2: Grow in Godliness
Betty R Price
Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to receive some nononsense wisdom from Dr. Betty R. Price. While best known as the wife of Dr. Frederick K. C. Price, pastor and founder of Crenshaw Christian Centers in Los Angeles and Manhattan. Dr. Betty's teaching style and insight have been proven helpful to w... (more)
More information on Answered Prayer Guaranteed! - The Power Of Praying With Faith
Frederick K.C. Price
In his revolutionary approach to prayer, Price guarantees that if readers follow his biblically and experientially based method of prayer, they will have the assurance that God hears their prayers and answers them. (Prayer)
More information on The Hands and Feet of Jesus
Clive Price
More information on What Women Want: The Life You Crave And How God Satisfies
Rebecca Price
From a deeper relationship with God to harmony in the home, from stronger marriages to more satisfying work: Women Want More. In What Women Want bestselling author Lisa T. Bergren and Rebecca Price invite readers to thoughtfully consider their soul-deep longings — and pursue God’s best in every ... (more)
More information on 100 Simple Bible Crafts: Ideas for Children
Sue Price
Many of us learn more effectively when we have something to see and something to do. Crafts can therefore be a vital part of any session with children - not just an add-on. An ideal resource for those who don't regard themselves as experts! As Sue Price says in the introduction to this book: "Man... (more)
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J David Price
More information on Prophet's Dictionary: Ultimate Guide to Supernatural Wisdom
Paula Price
The Prophet's Dictionary by Paula Price is an essential tool for laymen, prophets, prophesiers, pastors, intercessors, and dreamers of dreams. As an all-in-one dictionary and reference book containing over 1,600 relevant definitions of terms and phrases for the prophetic realm of Christian ministry,... (more)
More information on Life That Changed My Day,The:Turning Dead Religion into Living Reality
Hilary Price
Hilary Price explores the consequences of meeting Jesus in a wide variety of situations. 'Read this book! It is practical, honest, funny, and whimsical. From the foreword by Jill Briscoe Hilary Price delves into various aspects of the story of Jesus' meeting with the Samaritan Woman at the well... (more)
More information on Children's Ministry Guide to Working With Under 5s
Sue Price
Anmother in the series of Children’s Ministry Guides. This book encourages churches to assess and improve their under 5s ministry – motivating them to consider how they guide their youngest church members along the first steps of their faith journey, support their church families, and reach out to y... (more)