More information on Hallelujah Christmas
Marilyn Baker
Hallelujah Christmasí is a heart-warming blend of Christmas songs with Marilynís own creative arrangements, together with two brand new worship songs: ĎRescue Planí, and ĎPrecious Jesusí - Marilynís version of Pie Jesuí. 13 tracks including: Christmas Carols with refreshing and singable new tunes su... (more)
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More information on Face To Face Life Lessons from Moses
Jen Baker
A unique look at Moses' spiritual journey - from hiding his face to speaking face to face with God. Moses 'hid his face' from God, yet later in the scriptures he spoke with God 'face to face'. What did it take for him to trust God enough to change positions, and what can we learn from that journey? ... (more)
More information on Joy Of My Heart
Marilyn Baker
Singer/songwriter Marilyn Baker celebrates 40 years of music and ministry by releasing a new fifteen track album. ĎJoy of My Heartí is Marilynís 21st album. Marilynís distinctive voice and heart for people has made her greatly loved through the work and ministry of MBM (Marilyn Baker Ministries) whi... (more)
More information on Unshakeable Confidence
Jen Baker
In her most transparent book to date, Jen shares her journey from debilitating fear to unshakeable confidence. Through her own vulnerability, Jen encourages the reader to examine confidence in line with a kingdom perspective. Unshakeable Confidence is separated into four sections: foundational keys,... (more)
More information on Reckless Devotion paperback
Roland & Heidi Baker
To date, the majority of Heidi and Rolland Bakerís books have focused on the amazing story of their revival ministry in Mozambique. Now readers have an opportunity to journey into the heart of God daily, with Rolland and Heidiís insights, which stem from a deep intimacy and dependency on Jesus. ... (more)
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Tim Baker
Want to encourage Bible reading from a young age? These devotions are made to speak to boys ages 8-12 With a daily routine of reading, an adventure of faith will begin anew 3 Minute Devotions for Boys. Give your preteen boy 90 three minute slots for getting the best from God's Word, especially pr... (more)
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More information on Compelled By Love Dvd
Heidi Baker
Compelled by Love is a powerful, inspiring and definitive portrait of Heidi Baker, a modern day Mother Teresa, whose ministry is based in over 30 nations around the world. Shot on the run over a period of 20 years, in 10 countries and on 4 continents in war zones, brothels, bushes and Ivy League... (more)
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More information on Birthing the Miraculous
Heidi Baker
God has promised us miracles. Are you willing to do what it takes to see them through? We all desire the favour of God on our lives. We eagerly pray and hope for Godís promises and blessings, especially when they come in the form of cash or a promotion. But carrying the promises of God often mean... (more)
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More information on Empty Arms
Keren Baker
It is hard to imagine any greater pain than that of losing a little child. It is like an amputation, so that though one may learn to live with the loss, the parent is never the same again. In the English language we have a word for those who have lost their parents: an orphan. We have a word for tho... (more)