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Ollie Baines & Liam Flint
Twenty high-profile footballers share their faith and reveal how it influences their lives, both on and off the pitch. The book offers a range of information and insights into strictly football matters, while also exploring the way these players have æcrossed the lineÆ into a relationship with Jesus... (more)
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Nick Baines
In Why Wish You A Merry Christmas, Nick Baines takes the reader on a personal journey through the ups and downs of Christmas, asking whether there is really anything more to it than fairy tales and mass consumerism. Why Wish You A Merry Christmas is funny, thought-provoking and never preaching. N... (more)
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Nick Baines
Nick Baines takes us through Mark's gospel and creates 47 new prayers and 47 reflections for each day from Ash Wednesday to Easter. There are seven weekly sessions to help us to consider what we've learned. An indispensable new resource for those who are now planning their Lent and Holy Week materia... (more)