More information on Authentic Christianity: Sermons On The Acts Of The Apostles 5 & 6 V.3
Dr M Lloyd Jones
Why should a modern reader consider the early chapters of Acts of the Apostles? In order, says Dr. Lloyd-Jones, "to discover what the Christian church is, what her message is, and what she is meant to do in this world." In this volume, the third in the present series intended to bring together much ... (more)
More information on Romans: Life In Two Kingdoms
Dr M Lloyd Jones
First published in 1970, this collection of 17 Bible studies on Romans 3:24 through 4:25 was first preached at London's Westiminster Chapel in 1957. Welsh teacher and evangelist Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones expounds the text (although he uses the King James Bible, he is using the Greek original) not only... (more)