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G K Beale (Editor) / D A Carson (Editor)
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D A Carson
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D A Carson / Douglas J Moo
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D A Carson / R T Motyer / G J Wenham
For fifty years the 'New Bible Commentary' has served Bible readers worldwide. This 21st Century Edition builds on the strengths of the previous three; a one-volume commentary on the whole Bible by an international team of contributors; general articles on what the Bible is and how to read it; an in... (more)
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More information on For the Love of God: Volume 2
D A Carson
More information on Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility: Biblical Perspective...
D A Carson
Both theology and philosophy wrestle with the tension that exists between the sovereignty of God and human response. In Christianity, this tension is particularly acute as God is understood to be both omnipotent and benevolent. This tension underlies numerous other questions: about the nature of ... (more)