More information on Understanding Eternal Security (Life Principles Study)
Charles Stanley
Revised and updated, Dr. Charles Stanley's well-loved Life Principles study guide series has taken on new life through refreshed content. Small groups and individuals who want a Bible study that's spiritually sound and practical will find a wealth of ideas to help them understand and apply the Scrip... (more)
More information on Understanding Financial Stewardship (Life Principles Study)
Charles Stanley
The Life Principles Study Guides are perfect companions to Dr. Stanley's Life Principles Bible or for use on their own. They are a unique approach to Bible study, incorporating biblical truth, personal insights, emotional responses, and a call to action. Each study guide contains 10 Bible study less... (more)
More information on Understanding God's Will: How to hack the equation without formulas
Kyle Lake
Everyone struggles with questions like, "How can I know if I'm pursuing God's will or my own?" In this book, pastor Kyle Lake suggests that God's will for a person's life isn't as formulaic as it's often made out to be. This book alleviates ambiguities about God's desires for our lives. Through the ... (more)
More information on Understanding Islam and Christianity Made Easy
Mark Water
An understanding and exploration of the relationship between Islam and Christianity, so key to world peace over the coming years.;The Bible Made Easy series titles have sold around two million copies since they were first launched in 1998. Many have found them an aid in their daily walk with God as ... (more)
More information on Understanding Islamic Terrorism
Patrick Sookhdeo
More information on Understanding Leadership
Tom Marshall
More information on Understanding My Muslim Neighbour
Nazir-Ali, M
Michael Nazir-Ali grew up in a Muslim family and is now a Christian church leader, and this book is a clear demonstration of the shared spiritual heritage between Christians and Muslims and the points at which the two faiths diverge. The effects of the terrorist attacks in America in September 2001 ... (more)
More information on Understanding Obsessions and Compulsions
Frank Tallis
Obsessions and compulsive behavior are gradually being recognized as a problem for many thousands of people. Symptoms include compulsive checking, washing and hoarding, obsessional thoughts and worry, and the depression they can all cause. This book offers sufferers a way out with self-help suggesti... (more)