More information on Tamar, Bathsheba and Tamar: Encountering 3 women with messed-up lives
Julia Jones
Many of us today face lives that we would never have chosen for ourselves. We can often feel as if we are helpless victims, suffering pain carelessly inflicted by others. Bathsheba and the two Tamars (of Genesis 38 and 2 Samuel 13) were women with lives like this: all were victims of inappropriate s... (more)
More information on Tame Your Fears
Kent, Carol
This is an excellent guide for working through the difficult and paralyzing emotions we all may experience. With insight and understanding, Carol Kent lists a variety of ways to overcome 10 of the most common situations that cause us to quake in our boots, while showing us how to transform them from... (more)
More information on Taming The Family Zoo
Brawner, Jim
More information on Taming the Lion
Mel knows she'll never be as clever and beautiful as her sister. Constant pressure and fear of failure drive her to seek refuge in a secret life, obsessed with food. She knows she's losing control.
More information on Tangled Up in the Bible - Bob Dylan and Scripture
Michael J Gilmour
Bob Dylan has had a profound influence on the shape of modern pop music (folk, rock, blues) and as a modern literary figure. He has also attracted enormous attention from both professional and amateur "interpreters". In this book Gilmour offers a thorough study of Dylan's reading of scriptures. He e... (more)
More information on Tank's Choice
Davis , E.J.
Tank and scarlet get caught up in a terrifying situation that changes them both forever.
More information on Taoism & Confucianism
Van De Weyer, R
More information on Target Challenge
Mary Moody
Eight sessions for a midweek club or special event for children aged 5 to 11 - a Scripture Union eye level clubs programme. Meet David, the shepherd boy, warrior, songwriter and king in this mid-week club programme designed to help children meet with God, in a more reflective way. Children wil... (more)