More information on Making Liturgy
Mcewan & Pinsen
More information on Making Love: The Chapman Guide to Making Sex an Act of Love
Gary Chapman
"Let's make love." "Let's have sex." Is there a difference? You bet there is! While sex is the joining of two bodies, love is the joining of two souls. Sex without love will never be ultimately satisfying, but sex that grows out of love will take a marriage to a whole new level of satisfaction. In h... (more)
More information on Making Many Glad
Baker, William
More information on Making Of A Denomination : John Howard Shakespeare And The
Shepherd, Peter
'A well-researched and penetrating study?essential reading', Roger Hayden John Howard Shakespeare introduced revolutionary change to the Baptist denomination. The Baptist Union was transformed into a strong central institution and Baptist ministers were brought under its control. Further, Shakespea... (more)
More information on Making Of A Leader, The
Frank Damazio
More information on Making Of A Marriage, The
Brent Sharpe / Janis Sharpe
More information on Making Of A Spiritual Warrior, The
Sherrer / Garlock
Spiritual warfare experts Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock have pulled together their best advice into one book to help you grow into your full stature as a child of God. You can read one entry daily or a whole section at one sitting. Covering all aspects of the life of a spiritual warrior, The Mak... (more)
More information on Making of Issac Hunt, The
Linda Leigh Hargrove
Isaac has led a safe life of prestige and privilege. A deathbed confession propels him on a dangerous trek to find his birthparents, a black migrant worker and a reformed white supremacist. Can he move past hate and distrust to find the love he seeks? A tale of adoption, forgiveness, reconciliation,... (more)
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Metzger, Dentan
More information on Making Of The New Spirituality, The
Herrick, James
Neo-paganism. The paranormal. Astrology. Nature religion. Holistic thinking. Healing. New Age. New spirituality. A massive shift in Western religious attitudes has taken place almost without our noticing it. The Judeo-Christian tradition of Western culture has slowly but steadily been ecli... (more)