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Denis O'Gorman / Barry Hart
Poor old Artaban! He is the fourth Wise Man and is late for everything. Many times, Artaban’s journey is delayed as he stops to help the poor, hungry and oppressed. In spite of missing Mary, Joseph and the baby, his disappointment turn to joy when he realises that he did see Jesus in the many folk h... (more)
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Watchman Nee
More information on Laugh Again and Hope Again
Charles R Swindoll
In this timely two-in-one volume, Charles Swindoll helps readers rediscover two profound benefits of knowing God: joy and hope. In Laugh Again, readers learn how to live in the present, to say no to negativity, and realize that while no ones life is perfect, joy is always available. Applying scriptu... (more)
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Charles Swindoll
Discover outrageous joy in this modern classic. Chuck Swindoll shows how we can live in the present, say "no" to negativism, and realize that while no one's life is perfect, joy is always available. Applying scriptural truths in a practical way, Swindoll shows readers how to laugh again.
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Howard Macy
A serious but funny book on the important place of humour in the spiritual life. Humour floods our lives. We use it to entertain, to reduce stress and promote health, to smooth social interactions (or to make people bristle), to sell products of all kinds, to persuade about ideas, and much more. ... (more)
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Barbara Johnson
In classic Barbara Johnson style, these hilarious pages will show readers how to put life's trials into perspective and remember that there is a wonderful life awaiting them in heaven.
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Patsy Clairmont / Barbara Johnson / Nicole Johnson / Marilyn Meberg
Producing everything from gentle chuckles to roll-in-the-aisle laughter, these stories, jokes, and quips will entertain and uplift you, no matter what your circumstances might be! This "spice-rack" of laughter includes humor from: Patsy Clairmont Barbara Johnson Nicole Johnson Marilyn Meberg... (more)
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Hunt, Giles
This is an authorized biography of an accomplished and greatly-loved man - a figure who left his mark on the Church, in the academic world, in scientific institutions, and in the lives of countless people who enjoyed his friendship. Bishop, Antarctic explorer, geologist, sportsman, naval chaplain, a... (more)