More information on Jesus - a Novel
Paul Wangerin
More information on Jesus - A Serious Beginner's Guide: Almost Everything You'll Need to K
David P Gates
'...a stupendous service for the serious enquirer...' Rev. Richard Bewes OBE I am impressed at how much helpful information this book contains which is presented in a very easy manner.' Rev. Dr Derek Tidball, Former Principal of the London School of Theology Nearly two thousand years after the trial... (more)
More information on Jesus - In Luke's Gospel (Book 2)
Tim Shenton
"Who is Jesus? What did he do? Why did he come? Is it worth following him? As he answers these questions and many more, Tim Shenton shows us that there is no one like Jesus. In another thirty readings, he works through chapters 6 to 11 of the Gospel of Luke, drawing out the main points and applying ... (more)
More information on Jesus - Our Wounded Saviour (Cover to Cover Lent Study Guide)
Selwyn Hughes
In this 6th Lent study guide from CWRs Cover to Cover range, we follow a theme leading up to Easter that will not only deepen your love for the Lord Jesus Christ, but will help you understand in an even greater way the truth of His ability to enter into and sympathise with every phase of human need... (more)
More information on Jesus - The Hero
Andy Frost
The Jesus Series 01
More information on Jesus - The Wounded Healer Workbook
Jesus is a wounded healer His ability to heal our wounds flows from the fact that He Himself experienced our wounds. The God we see in Jesus did not study our sufferings from a distance in a cold and detached way, but wrapped Himself in our flesh and felt what we feel. For use in conjunction w... (more)