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Linda Mintle
Make Your Love Last a Lifetime. Having a good marriage is not an exact science, but there are key strategies you can put to work at any point in your relationship--engaged, married for a short time, or married for a lifetime--that will keep it from becoming another casualty. Dr. Linda Mintle, a ma... (more)
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Janice Thompson
More information on I Must Speak To You Plainly
Omanson, Roger
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Patricia St John
The refugee camp is crowded with sick and starving people. Two new arrivals, a teenage girl, Mehrit, carrying her little brother on her back, wait their turn patiently. What will happen to them? Will they ever find their parents again? A strong story of a family in a famine-stricken African country.... (more)
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Esther Baker
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Michael Youssef
In just 31 days, you can revitalize your walk with God by praising Him in a fresh, new way every day. By following Dr. Michael Youssef's new daily guide, I Praise You, O God, you can renew your passion for God, encounter His glory, and experience more of His power at work in your life. The daily ... (more)
More information on I Promise You Forever
Dr Gary Smalley
Ten years of research led Smalley to understand that marriages not only survive but thrive when they foster two specific characteristics - safety and affirmation. This encouraging guide helps couples meet each other's emotional needs by expressing gentle promises to listen, forgive, honor, be faithf... (more)
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Charles Hunter / Frances Hunter
Promises from every book in the Bible. God is sending you a message--a message of His love for you. He's been trying to get your attention, to let you know that a fulfilling life awaits you. Have you been ignoring His efforts to contact you? He wants to tell you about all His promises. He wants you ... (more)
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Wright, Eileen