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Donna Vann
Find out what its like to live and work in the far east country of Cambodia amongst the Khmer people. Discover what it’s like to work as a missionary in a Buddhist country. Join in with the adventure as you travel around in taxis, vans, trucks, carts and tuk-tuks – small roofed carriages pulled arou... (more)
More information on Camp Hope #3: Shadowed Secrets
Lois Richer
Angie Grant is on the run from the very witness protection program she's been serving. Her only refuge is her old house on the edge of Camp Hope's property. There she finds safety and the one person she can trust: police officer Rick Mercer. As Angie works out the issues from her past and learns to ... (more)
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Camp Tanglefoot is a wonderful summer camp in the middle of the mountains where the stage is set for life-changing experiences. Gregg Russell plays himself as camp director, with a cast of wonderful and believable characters including Gil, the nerdy maintenance man and Timmy, the camp cook. Lewis is... (more)
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Murray, Harold
More information on Campfire II: Simplicity Rend Collective
Rend Collective
Rend Collective goes back to its roots to bring simplicity and authenticity in worship, with their new album, Campfire II: Simplicity. As a follow-up to their hugely successful Campfire album, they capture openness and vulnerability with their own unique brand of worship songs.
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Davoll, Barbara
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Paula Miller
College students face many challenges in campus life. Campus Voices is a collection of spiritual and practical reflections written by students, taking a look at the challenges of campus life and offering advice to help them thrive amidst the chaos.
More information on Can A Christian Have a Demon?
Don W Basham
This classic, which provides insightful answers to the question, is available again. This book presents evidence of what God is doing in the Church today. Basham covers topics such as: The Difference Between Affliction and Possession, Doctrine vs. Experience, Man's Innate Fear of Satan & Demons, Dem... (more)