More information on Uttermost Part of the Earth, The
R Losch
This informative volume takes you to the many geographical regions, empires, cities, and towns mentioned in the Bible. Designed to serve as a short and enjoyable survey of the world of the Bible, The Uttermost Part of the Earth will broaden your knowledge of the places and cultures connected with th... (more)
More information on Emotional Wisdom
R Maclennan
Maclennan leads the reader in a spiritual exploration of human emotions. Each of the forty-four meditations begins with a biblical quotation; moves into a reflection on an emotion's purpose expression, and metaphorical connection with nature; and finishes with thoughtful questions for reflection.
More information on Heart for God - Learning from David through the tough choices of life
R Manley Pippert
David faced some desperate circumstances and some tough choices. He lived the complexities, struggles and hardships of human life with a sensitivity, depth and openness rarely seen in our superficial age of formula answers. But more than that, David brought his scars, wounds, failures and petitions... (more)
More information on Step Up
R Meyer
Meyer has creatively re-purposed the Twelve Steps - used successfully in many drug and alcohol recovery programs - into a biblically based model for change and spiritual renewal. He shows how the Twelve Steps can be a tool for spiritual healing for everyone, not just the addicted. Meyer divides the ... (more)
More information on A Different Jesus: The Christ of the Latter-day Saints
R Millet
A Different Jesus? is every apologist's dream book - a book written by a Mormon who wants to give the straight facts about Mormonism. Unearthing details that are sometimes missed or glossed over by cult watchdogs, Millet builds the "house" of Mormonism before our eyes. He does not shy away from the ... (more)
More information on Church and Mary, The (Studies in Church History)
R N Swanson
The Virgin Mary makes only brief appearances in the gospel narratives, but over the centuries has been one of the most significant features of Christianity. Her status and role were debated in the Christological controversies of the fifth century; since the Reformation attitudes to Mary have defined... (more)
More information on Doing God's Business
R Paul Stevens
Christians have likely been struggling with the place of business in the life of faith ever since Paulís days as a tentmaker. Just how do the spheres of private devotion and public business intersect in a meaningful way? Paul Stevens has been exploring this question since his earliest working day... (more)
More information on Living the Story: Biblical Spirituality for Everyday Christians
R Paul Stevens / Michael Green
This instructive, practical book explores the meaning of biblical spirituality, a spirituality rooted in the Scriptures, in the grand story of God. Writing to promote genuine discipleship and an everyday sense of Godís presence, R. Paul Stevens and Michael Green show that biblical spirituality is b... (more)
More information on Recovering the Reformed Confession
R Scott Clark
Much of what passes as Reformed among our churches is not. As a class of churches that profess allegiance to Reformed theology, practice, and piety, we have drifted from our moorings. This book is written to facilitate change, specifically reformation according to God's Word as summarized in the Ref... (more)