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Ada R Habershon
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Adair, John
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Adam Harbinson
The Jesus I Know is a platform from which forty men and women from many walks of life - some well known and others who might never have their fifteen minutes of fame - share with their world a simple and honest account of how their daily lives are enriched and impacted by their relationship with the... (more)
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Adam Mabry
Feel over-busy, or always tired? This book shows how you can rest in a way that is spiritual and helpful You'll learn to change your life in favour of what is really important to you For some of us, resting seems like a waste of time—it means we're missing out on other things. For others, rest se... (more)
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Adam Palmer
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Adam Palmer
Knuckle Sandwich is the next big thing in Christian rock music. It's a band formed by three Midwestern college students with three very different dreams. Bassist Jeremiah wants to reach the lost, singer Matt wants to be a rock star, and drummer Liz . . . well, she just wants a new set. But as the gr... (more)
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Adam Palmer
By looking at the lives of some famous teenagers from the Bible, today's teens can learn how to deal with the rigors and temptations of high school life without giving up.