More information on You Never Stop Being a Parent
Jim Newheiser / Elyse Fitzpatrick
Influenced by today's economy, many young adults are choosing to return to live in their parents' home. With Newheiser and Fitzpatrick's biblical insights, this timely resource will show you how to be the best parent you can be to your grown children---whether single or married---while still maintai... (more)
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Jonathan Veira
More information on You Restore My Soul New Wine Worship LIVE
Integrity Music are thrilled to announce the latest live worship album from New Wine Worship. Set to release this Summer, it was recorded around the country and features worship leaders Nick Herbert, Lauren Harris and more. It will include the big songs Stir A Passion, Reckless Love, Nothing But... (more)
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More information on You Sank My Boat
Jim Cromarty
More information on You See Bones I See An Army
Floyd McClung
According to George Barns there are 53,000 a month leaving Evangelical churches. God is realigning the church, and Floyd believes he wants to use the frustration that people feel towards the church to motivate them to believe for change. There is a valley of dry bones God wants to use, but those ... (more)
More information on You Set My Spirit Free
Hazard, David
More information on You Shall Be Holy - Spiritual Basics
The business of being alive is the business of understanding our relationship with God, and then living it. Getting a handle on this is not always easy. We need some initial help, a few pointers. That is what this book attempts to give: spiritual basics. There are sections on: • prayer • c... (more)
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Derek Prince
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Spraggett; John