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Oscar Romero
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Longo, Vinny
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Michael Card
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Chris Tiegreen
Pray from Your Gut Satan is alive, well, and actively searching for opportunities to ruin you. Perhaps your trying circumstances or struggling relationships reflect his schemes. Does that make you angry? If you've ever suppressed simmering anger toward the enemy, seeing it as an intrusion into your ... (more)
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Lloyd Carrie
An insightful, inspirational, amusing and honest guide to relationships for the modern single Christian woman. How does the single Christian woman maintain her relationships while staying true to herself? How can she thrive in a predominately secular culture and keep her faith in a world that doe... (more)
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Cathy Maries Hake
Historical Romance: Go back in time to Virginia's age of tall ships, across the turn of the century, and through the victory of World War I in four historical romances that combine to form a compelling family saga. John Newcomb shoulders his brother's sins when a woman brings her sister and nephew t... (more)
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Lauralee Bliss
Three Virginia women, each at a different stage in life, yearn to find fulfillment. Daphne figures love is out of the question because forty years have passed since her first love died in a lumber mill accident. Connie finds herself caught in the middle of a mystery after she buys a cuckoo clock at ... (more)
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Jimmie L Davis
Virtual You!" addresses the issues and challenges unique to young women in their teen years--such things as their relationship with God, inner beauty, dating, lasting love, and purity.