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Billy Graham
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Nick Page
Everything you need to know about the history of the Christian church - and a fair few bits you didn't want to know thrown in for good measure. From Abelard to Zwingli, via a multitude of saints and sinners, Nick Page guides us through the creeds, the councils, the buildings and the background of... (more)
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Nick Page
ant a humorous introduction to the Reformation? Nick Page uses his wit and unlicensed-historian-credentials to explore the remarkable period in Church history. Perfect as a gift for anyone wanting to laugh, learn, and discover Luther's livid ideas 500 years on from the Reformation, Nick Page dist... (more)
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Neesa Hart
Necessary Evils is the third book in the political series by Neesa Hart. Tension mounts as White House chief of staff Brad Benton tries to discover who is behind two failed attempts on his life. Meanwhile, Nicolae Carpathia continues his rise to power. When Brad's boss chairs a committee in Carpathi... (more)
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E M Bounds
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Gordon, Tom
In his work as a hospice chaplain, Tom Gordon has often found that traditional beliefs are not enough and has come to use word pictures, which help people articulate their feelings about the meaning of life. This contains a series of these images for those in need of this help.
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John P Jackson
Prayer is a powerful weapon, a two-edged sword not to be wielded carelessly. There are certain types of prayer Satan would like us to use. Although we have authority as the children of God, how we fight can determine the personal consequences of our spiritual warfare.