More information on Making Fruitful Disciples: Implementing Biblical Principles using the
Steve Goss
Features Biblical principles and good practice using the FIC approach.
More information on Making God's Word Work
Jacob Neusner
The central theme of Making God's Word Work is that through the rules and norms of the Mishnah, and beneath their surface, is a governing theological pattern which both defines the detail relating to social conduct and brings to the fore a coherent system of analysis, thought and argument. Making Go... (more)
More information on Making God's Word Work
Jacob Neusner
(PUBContinuum)"The Mishnah is the crown jewel of Rabbinic Judaism in its formative age," says Neusner, who is a premier authority on its interpretation. Behind the apparent mishmash of texts, he sees threads of meaning, moral guidelines, theological concepts, and methods of reasoning---so one can li... (more)
More information on Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits
Joyce Meyer
From nail biting to cell phone addiction, procrastination to overspending, bad habits seem to outnumber the good ones.
More information on Making It real
T Suzanne Eller
If you've grown up going to church, or call yourself a Christian, you've probably heard every Bible story, and everything you're supposed to believe. But what do you really believe? Do you rely on a hand-me-down faith or a set of rules and directions in your head and not your heart? What does it mea... (more)
More information on Making Jesus Lord
L Cunningham
More information on Making Kingdom Disciples - A New Framework
Charles Dunahoo
Making Kingdom Disciples reorients how we think about and do discipleship. Charles Dunahoo—himself an educator and trainer of church leaders—leads us beyond programs to the kingdom worldview that transforms all of thought and life. Dunahoo’s chief concern is that Christians know the Word, understa... (more)