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Diane Noble
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J V Fesko
We think that we know the first three chapters of the Bible well – Creation and the Fall, we say, knowingly. But have we ever stopped to consider that Jesus in the book of Revelation is called ‘the last Adam’ and the ‘Alpha & Omega’? Should this make a difference to how we look at the first three c... (more)
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Helm, Paul
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Benn, Wallace
When someone respected and well known dies we consider their final words to be important and significant, a distillation of that person's wisdom throughout their life. The most important last words spoken were spoken by Jesus to disciples who were to be his witnesses, taking the gospel to the whole ... (more)
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Kent Humphreys
A CEO encourages pastors to equip men and women in their churches to be marketplace ministers. See how even a small investment of a pastor's time and energy can empower these individuals to make a difference in their sphere of influence