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Spring Harvest
A mega selection of 50 praise songs taken from the successful Spring Harvest Kids Praise Party series. These songs from top writers including Doug Horley, Nick & Becky Drake, Simon Parry and Big Ministries will engage children in worship in a fun, interesting and meaningful way
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Beth Guckenberger
Filled with fun, interactive learning experiences and kid-inspired service projects, Super Simple Mission Kits will open kid's eyes (and grown-ups too!) to the needs in their community and around the world then challenge them to do something about it!
£47.99  £39.99
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Kinsolving, Car
Kids really do say the darndest things. And in this humorous book by Carey Kinsolving and friends, the reader will be amused and sometimes amazed at the whimsical yet wise ways that children view God. With material taken from Kinsolving's weekly syndicated column, Kids Talk About God is a delightful... (more)
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Contains lyrics only for all the songs from the Kidsource and Kidsource 2 songbooks. Does not contain printed music. Softcover edition - contains 806 songs. See Song Lists at Kidsource and Kidsource 2.
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Captain Alan Price
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As Kidsource proved so popular and well loved, Kevin Mayhew have released its successor, Kidsource 2. Like the first one, Kidsource 2 is compiled by Captain Alan Price from the Church Army, known to many as the man behind ‘Captains Crew’ from the ‘New Wine’ weeks. It includes songs by such favou... (more)
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Leena Lane
A colourful collection of favourite Old and New Testament stories for 4 to 6 year olds. Including the stories of Moses crossing the Red Sea,Jonah and the big fish and the birth of Jesus, this collection of stories will show children what God is like and what He has done for humankind. Ideal bedtime ... (more)
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Julia Watkin