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Eugene Peterson
Eugene Peterson is convinced that the way we read the Bible is as important as that we read it. Do we read the Bible for information about God and salvation, for principles and “truths” that we can use to live better? Or do we read it in order to listen to God and respond in prayer and obedience? ... (more)
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Ed McClure / Elisa McClure
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Andrew Francis
Jesus told his disciples to go to a town and to find someone who would receive them as a guest. They were encouraged to eat within the community, build friendships, make contacts and teach the gospel. In this exciting book, Andrew Francis urges us to notice the order. The disciples were to seek the ... (more)
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Shepherd, Sheri
More information on Eating Your Way Through Luke's Gospel
Robert Karris
Robert Karris spreads before us a unique and delightful framing of the food theme in the Gospel of Luke. Karris describes the food and drink popular in Jesus’ day. He also documents the social, political, and general contexts in which the food was prepared and eaten. He outlines the social roles J... (more)
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Tim Dowley
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Tim Dowley