More information on For Your Baby's Dedication
A new baby begins life's journey surrounded by the love, faith and prayers of parents, family and friends.
More information on Making the Colours Sing
Michaela Youngson
A celebration of life, through images, prayers, poems and meditations. Each chapter begins with a reflection inspired by an image of modern stained glass.
More information on Psalm
Peter Owen-Jones
Psalms are song lyrics, the poetry of the soul. Written around 2500-3500 years ago, they are part of our history, our consciousness. This selection of a dozen trans-created Psalms, taking its inspiration from rap and country and western, brings the intent of the writers into the poetry and language ... (more)
More information on Healing Rain with DVD
Michael W Smith
A new praise and worship anthem from Michael W Smith is also a beautiful gift book with a bonus DVD
More information on Slender Grace, A
R. Jellema
More information on You are God's Gift to Me
Chris Shea
A wonderful gift of gratitude for that special loved one. The illustrator of the best-selling God Thinks You’re Wonderful and Merry Christmas with Love has combined a heartfelt message with adorable illustrations to create a versatile gift book for any occasion. Appreciation and love fill the six... (more)
More information on Perfect Friend
Chris Shea
The illustrator of the best-selling God Thinks You're Wonderful and Merry Christmas with Love has created the perfect gift book to give to a friend on any gift giving occasion: Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, or just to say thanks for being a friend. Thi... (more)
More information on Quiet Little Woman: A Christmas Story
Louisa May Alcott