More information on Cure for the Common Life (3CD)
"Sweet spot." Golfers understand the term. So do tennis players. Ever swung a baseball bat or paddled a Ping-Pong ball? If so, you know the oh-so-nice feel of the sweet spot. Life in the sweet spot rolls like the downhill side of a downwind bike ride. But you don't have to swing a bat or a club to k... (more)
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Dave Hopwood
More information on The Regime: Evil Advances Before They Were Left Behind  (CD)
The second exciting installment in this series will continue the story of the rise of the Antichrist and the journey of the other main characters as time, unknown to them, hurdles toward the Rapture. Readers will want every possible soul saved to avoid the 7-year Tribulation, and they will see why c... (more)
More information on What The Bible Says About Angels
Jeremiah, David
Dr. Jeremiah gives a thorough survey of Scriptural teaching about angels, illustrated by powerful quotes from prominent teachers Billy Graham, C. S. Lewis, and others.
More information on Secrets Of The Vine (Audio Book)
Bruce Wilkinson
This this follow-up to the bestselling The Prayer of Jabez , Dr. Wilkinson demonstrates how Jesus is the Vine of life, discusses four levels of fruit bearing (doing the good work of God), and reveals three life-changing truths that will lead readers to new joy. 1 cassette.
More information on Waking the Dead: Audio CD
John Eldredge
John Eldredge uses the image of the heart to explore foundational truths about Christianity. There is a glory to life that most people - including believers - never see. In this insightful audio book, John Eldredge presents the heart as central to life. Not only is the heart essential, the hea... (more)
More information on Journey of Desire (Audio CD)
John Eldredge
Sometimes it seems we just can't get what we want. Circumstances thwart our best-laid plans. We struggle to live a heartfelt life. Worst of all, says Eldredge, the modern church mistakenly teaches its people to kill desire (calling it sin) and replace it with duty or obligation (calling it sanctific... (more)
More information on Sacred Romance (Audio CD)
John Eldredge
By Brent Curtis and John Eldredge. Drawing Closer to the Heart of God. This life-changing book has guided hundreds of thousands of readers from a busyness-based religion to a deeply felt relationship with the God who woos us. The God who saves is also a God who woos His own to a relationship primari... (more)