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Vanhuysse, T
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Vann , Donna
My nameís Star, but this book isnít just about meÖ itís more about Ebony, a question she asked and the trouble she gets me into! As if I need more problems on top of the family Iíve already got! Ebony arrives on the scene and before I know it Iím having to watch my back, just because Iím hanging ou... (more)
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Vanvonderen, Je
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Vardiman, Larry
What started as informal treks to the awesome splendor of the Grand Canyon by members of the Institute for Creation Research has grown into a popular excursion for many across the country, from all backgrounds. Dr. Larry Vardiman recounts his memorable trips to this "evidence for a worldwide flood... (more)
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Powerful testimonies from the team who brought In Six Days Perfect for those with intellectual barriers to the gospel Includes Ph.D.'s from the natural and social sciences The best-selling book, In Six Days, gave the accounts of 50 doctorate-holding scientists and why they affirm their belief in a l... (more)