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Tagel, Peggy
A world full of different creations with all their wonderful colors that God made for us. Pre-school children will delight in the rhyming text that both teaches and comforts. The text answers the questions… Who put the red on the breast of the robin? Who put the brown in the little puppy's eyes? Who... (more)
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Taggart, Edward
The relative position of angels in the created order and how they interact with our world. The second half of the book looks at demons and the fall of Satan. Throughout this section we are encouraged to recognize them for who they are and trust God's promised blessings instead.
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Tait, Philip
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Each meditation is set, over a double page spread, alongside the relevant Bible passage and accompanied by a Taize chant - complete with music - some pertinent questions, and a prayer. The book is suitable for individual or group use, and aims to provide a resource for people to begin or to expand t... (more)
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Fifty songs from Taizé make up the main part of this book. Each of these appears in its original language (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin) and, for the first time, in an English-language version as well. Using elements familiar to those who have taken part in worship in Taizé - psalm si... (more)
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Tallach, Isobel
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Tallach, J.
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Tamara Leigh
Bestselling author Adda Sinclaire has a nagging feeling something is missing in her life--besides the ex-husband who ran off with a fellow author and the dog he took with him. Surely it's more than just The Good Book. Or is it?