More information on Lifesong: Bible-centered worship for the Emerging Generation
Oliver Claassen
Do we think about worship? In the ‘emerging’ generation ‘worship’ is something to do with style, rather than substance. A matter of live-and-let-live choice. But pure worship is declaring with our words and lives that God is more important to us than anything else – that he is our deepest desi... (more)
More information on Retrieving Doctrine
Oliver D. Crisp
If we are to do contemporary theology well, we need to listen carefully to past masters. In this book, Oliver Crisp brings a number of key Reformed theologians into dialogue with contemporary philosophical and doctrinal concerns in a bid to further this strategy of 'theological retrieval'. The topic... (more)
More information on John Owen - The Man And His Theology
Oliver Et Al
The chapters of this book were originally delivered as papers at a symposium on the life and teaching of John Owen at the John Owen Centre for Theological Study, London, England. John Owen's life from 1616 until 1683 spans one of the most momentous epochs in the history of Britain. How should we ... (more)
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Oliver Hunkin
More information on After Jihad
Oliver North
Peter Newman, the hero of Oliver North's first three "New York Times "best-selling novels, returns to action in 2032 to battle government corruption and find a missing fuel cell scientist.
More information on Mission Compromised
Oliver North / Joe Musser
U.S. Marine Major Peter Newman, a highly decorated war hero, was content doing his job--leading troops into harm's way. He was good at it. But the White House had other plans for him. When Newman is hand picked for a dangerous clandestine operation as the head of the White House’s Special Projects... (more)
More information on Jericho Sanction, The
Oliver North / Joe Musser
Oliver North follows his best-selling novel Mission Compromised with a suspenseful, action-packed sequel set in Israel and Iraq. Lt. Col. Peter Newman (USMC) and his family are threatened when his cover is blown. While preparing for a clandestine U.S. mission to find Iraqi nuclear weapons, Newman’s ... (more)
More information on The Ways of Judgment
Oliver O'Donovan
In this probing book Oliver O'Donovan extends the exploration into the correspondence between theology and politics that he began in "The Desire of the Nations." While that earlier work took as its starting point the biblical proclamation of God's authority, "The Ways of Judgment" approaches politic... (more)