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Nancy Rue
As girls grow up, they find out how meaningful – and difficult – relationships are. The Buddy Book offers interesting facts about why relationships are significant, what makes a good one, and how lousy your life can be if they’re crummy. But more importantly, learning to allow God to be the Coun... (more)
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Nancy Rue
Somewhere between the ages of 8 and 12, things can get a little uncomfortable, particularly for young girls. Suddenly things that used to seem cool to do with Mom or Dad don’t seem so cool anymore. As the urges for self-identity and independence from parents begin to develop, potential problems can ... (more)
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Nancy Rue
She thought they had the perfect family… For eighteen years Serena Soltanis has poured herself into her family, making every effort to please her husband and to protect her daughters from the evils of the world. Respected and admired for her obvious parenting success, she leads a popular mothers’... (more)
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Nancy S Hill
This is like no devotional book you've ever read. Kids ages 6-10 love trivia, and this book is chock-full of interesting and sometimes silly facts. Each fact is explained briefly; the theme of the fact is then used to share a biblical truth as well as a Bible verse. The Bible message and verses tie ... (more)
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Nancy S Meyer
When your husband doesn't share your commitment to God, it can be lonely. Be encouraged in your own spiritual growth as well as strengthen the spiritual health of your family.
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Nancy Stone
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Nancy Twigg
From Christmas to Valentine's Day, birthday parties to wedding celebrations, and everything in between, Celebrate Simply seeks to bring the fun back into holidays and special occasions.
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Naomi Judd
Naomi Judd balances a lot of roles, and in I Sing Harmony she shares her secrets for managing--and enjoying--the many facets of a busy life. She knows what it takes to be a single mother struggling to pay bills. She knows what it takes to hang on to real life while riding the rollercoaster of fame a... (more)
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Naomi Reed
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Naomi Reed
A daily devotional that provides an accessible way into the whole Bible story. Many of us have favourite Bible verses that we draw comfort from, but we don't always know their context or understand how they fit into the main story arc of the Bible. Tracing the big picture of God's story through the ... (more)