More information on Whose Religion is Christianity?: The Gospel Beyond the West
Lamin Sanneh
Many historians of religion now recognize that Christianity is a global faith whose most vibrant expression and growth are found today in the non-Western world. But no one explores this reality and its implications for modern life with the depth of learning and personal insight of Lamin Sanneh. Th... (more)
More information on My Flesh And My Heart May Fail
Lamkin, Margare
How would you react to the threat of losing your life? At one point Margaret’s heart had lost over 88% of its ability to function. Blood fungus infections and fevers were dragging her down further – an urgent call went out for prayer. The result was described by her doctor as ‘a miracle’. Margar... (more)
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Lammers; Verhey
More information on Helping A Neighbour In Crisis
Lampman, Lisa B
Helping a Neighbor in Crisis addresses a problem many readers encounter: How can I help a friend or loved one who is experiencing a crisis situation? This practical reference book gives tips on how to understand the feelings your "neighbor" is experiencing and practical advice on how to help and enc... (more)
More information on Women of Faith Prayer Journal
Lana Bateman
As the prayer leader for Women of Faith, Lana Bateman is recognized as a woman intent on deepening her relationship with God. She contends that invigorating communication with God starts, not in the mouth or mind, but within a heart in tune with the Father. This prayer journal includes guided prayer... (more)
More information on Heart of Prayer for Women of Faith
Lana Bateman
Lana Bateman is the prayer leader for Women of Faith and this book nestles her passion for fervent, powerful prayer in a comfortable, beautiful format for all women to enjoy. She knows God's word, and as she applies His precepts she equips women to go boldly to Him and claim His promises and truths.... (more)
More information on Explaining Spiritual Protection
Lance Lambert
The Explaining Series books have always been amongst Sovereign World's bestsellers. Now the entire series has been completely revised and made available again, with the first 4 titles being released in July 2002, and a further 4 in October 2002. There will be 30 books in the series in total. Each bo... (more)
More information on Jacob I Have Loved: The Power of God to Transform a Human Life
Lance Lambert
When God deals with us it is often in deeply mystifying ways. There is no greater example of how God shapes a person than through the remarkable story of Jacob. This book is far more than a mere biblical overview of the story of Jacob. It is an illustration of God's desire to utterly transform our ... (more)
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Land, Marcia Va