More information on The Luminous Dusk
Dale C Allison Jr
For millennia humans knew the stars as well as we know our own backyards. Yet today many if not most of us have lost vital connections with our natural world, and so have in many ways lost our sense of wonder. In the thoughtful, genre-bending nonfiction tradition of Wendell Berry and Walker Percy, D... (more)
More information on James: Wisdom for the Community (Focus on the Bible Commentary)
Dale Ellenburg / Chris Morgan
The epistle of James is one of the most controversial included in the canon of the New Testament. Why the controversy? James (almost certainly Jesus’ brother) sets out in his letter to deal with the problem of a church that does church – yet really does nothing! James is forthright in spelling ou... (more)
More information on Spirit And Reason - The Embodied Character Of Ezekiel's Symbolic World
Dale F. Launderville
By comparing and contrasting the pictures gained from Greek and Mesopotamian cities with Ezekiel's Jerusalem, Launderville masterfully shows how Ezekiel fosters a type of symbolic thinking focused on making the Israelites into living symbols of God. The Spirit is the reality that connects humans wit... (more)
More information on Hidden Kingdom - Journey to the Heart of God
Dale Fife
Dr. Dale Arthur Fife is a man with an insatiable passion for intimacy with God. He is a gifted pastor, teacher, musician, author, and church planter with thirty-seven years of experience in ministry. His zeal for God has led him on an incredible journey from his first pastorate in a small rural chur... (more)
More information on Images Of God
Dale Larsen / Sandy Larsen
Offers ten studies for individuals or small groups exploring images that Scripture uses about God. This study uses poetic language and images to broaden readers' understanding about God. It also provides questions to encourage personal reflection and evoke group discussions.
More information on Images of the Spirit
Dale Larsen / Sandy Larsen
How do you picture the Holy Spirit? A vague fuzzy cloud? An invisible, impersonal force? The Bible is clear that the Holy Spirit is a person. Scripture gives us strong word pictures of the Spirit as wind, fire, a counsellor, anointing oil and more - and these eight Bible studies will help us explore... (more)
More information on 2 Kings: The Power and the Fury (Focus on the Bible)
Dale Ralph Davis
2nd Kings provides a fast-paced narrative of insight into the history of Israel under its monarchy. This book is a continuation of the narrative begun in 1st Samuel, and continued through 2nd Samuel and 1st Kings. Ralph finishes it off with a captivating and rewarding journey through 2nd Kings. ... (more)
More information on Joshua (Focus on the Bible)
Dale Ralph Davis
This exposition is rooted first in a thorough analysis of the Hebrew text, employing helpful insights from archaeology and linguistics, and second in the major theological and literary themes discovered in each section. Finally the author brings the fragments together in an expository treatment ‘tha... (more)
More information on 2 Samuel: Out of Every Adversity (Focus on the Bible)
Dale Ralph Davis
Dale Ralph Davis brings cultural and historical colour to the task of interpreting one of the most studied parts of the Bible. The lessons in 2 Samuel from the life of Israel, and David in particular, have obvious modern parallels. It not only covers the history of David’s reign as King it a... (more)