More information on Justification of the Good, The: An Essay on Moral Philosophy
V Solovyov
After passing through deism, pantheism, and sundry atheistic visions of life, Vladimir Solovyov emerged as a Christian thinker of irrepressible conviction and uncommon genius. "The Justification of the Good," one of Solovyov's last and most mature works, presents a profound argument for human morali... (more)
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Traill, Robert
Time and again in the history of the church, the truth that sinners are 'not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ' (Gal. 2:16 has been hidden from sight by those striving to find a place for man's own righteousness alongside the righteousness of Christ in justification F... (more)
More information on Justification: God's Plan & Paul's Vision
Tom Wright
In what has become known as the ‘new perspective’ on Paul, Tom Wright has proposed a vision of the apostle’s central message that does full justice to all Paul’s letters. In particular, he focuses on the God-centred nature of Paul’s gospel, arguing that ‘traditional’ readings of Paul can suggest tha... (more)
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Mark A Husbands / Daniel J Treier