More information on Just Like Us
Stef Luston
"There are an estimated 500,000,000,000 galaxies in our universe - each containing countless planets - all created by a word from God. To say that God is profound is a bit of an understatement. I get stressed when I knock over a glass of milk. To say that I am shallow is a bit of an understatemen... (more)
More information on Just Living Faith And Community In An Age Of Consumerism
Ruth Valerio
Globalisation and consumerism affect every area of our lives. But it's not just about shopping; these powerful forces shape our personal lives, how we relate to one another, how we view the world - and they are having a seriously detrimental impact both on the lives of the global poor, and on the he... (more)
More information on Just Love: The Most Excellent Way
R T Kendall
Kendall takes 1 Corinthians 13 and shows how it should permeate every aspect of our life. He deals practically with resolving conflicts and church disagreements. The central thesis of the book is that we have to show a unity of spirit in the church in order to be effective in the world, but one tha... (more)
More information on Just Mercy
Joel Edwards
This is a new 4 week group or individual guide based on "Micah" 6:8, providing the central resource for 'Micah Challenge' - a significant global movement where all national campaigns join together to provide a stronger global voice in its efforts to hold leaders to account to halve extreme poverty b... (more)
More information on Just Politics
Krish Kandiah / Andy Reed / Gary Streeter / Steven Webb
Three adversaries in the house but brothers in the faith discuss with Krish Kandiah the impact Christians can have in politics. From economics to education and environment; from local to national and international; from the house of Commons to the common household, Just Politics helps ordinary Chris... (more)
More information on Just Say Thanks!
R T Kendall
Summary: ARE YOU ...More likely to criticize than to praise? ...Quicker to complain than to thank? ...Apt to Vent disappointment before expressing thankfulness? If you have to answer yes to these questions, you probably need to learn to be more grateful and appreciative. "GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMST... (more)
More information on Just The Way You Are
Max Lucado
This newly illustrated release about a king and three orphans communicates that children don't need to try to impress God, who simply longs to spend time with them just as they are.
More information on Just Thinking... Meeting God Every Day
In Just Thinking . . ., a collection of reflections and prayers, Julian Hamilton touches hearts and minds and takes us deeper into the reality of God's presence. With a frankness and honesty reminiscent of some of the Psalms, he invites us to see God's touch in the ordinary, everyday things of l... (more)