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Bruce H Wilkinson
More information on Victory Over the Darkness (with study guide)
Neil T Anderson
Newly revised best-seller and study guide with over 50,000 sales in UK and aiding Christians everywhere in achieving the spiritual riches that are on offer.
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Jackson, Ken
More information on Vienna Prelude (Zion Covenant Series: #1)
Bodie Thoene / Brock Thoene
Opening in 1936, the Zion Covenant series tells the courageous and compelling stories of those who risk everything to stand against the growing tide of Nazi terrorism that is sweeping through central Europe under the dangerous and deceitful guise of Hitler's Third Reich. A new study guide is include... (more)
More information on View in Winter, The
Ronald Blythe
More information on Vine's Complete Expository dictionary of Old and New Testament Words
W E Vine
This reference makes it possible for the students with substantial, limited, or no background in Greek or Hebrew to study the meaning of biblical words in the original languages. Through the extensive use of Strong's numbering system and other references included in Vine's indexes, the student will ... (more)
More information on Vine's Concise Dictionary of Old & New Testament Words
A great resource for students, pastors, and anyone who enjoys biblical word studies. Easy-to-use edition of the best-selling classic, it offers fast access to thousands of biblical word definitions. Dig into the meanings of the words used by the original bible authors--quickly and easily. Keyed to S... (more)
More information on Vintage Church: Timeless Truths and Timely Methods
Mark Driscoll / Gerry Breshears
Defines a biblical church as one that properly balances the eternal truths of Scripture with timely, relevant methods designed to engage the culture. The book in the popular Re:Lit series picks up where Vintage Jesus leaves off, beginning with a focus on the person and work of Jesus and then expl... (more)
More information on Vintage Jesus
Mark Driscoll