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Jeff Kinley
How could Christ be fully man and fully God? If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why does he allow pain and suffering? Although we have all heard these questions before, and perhaps asked them ourselves, Jeff Kinley presents these age-old questions in a new light, one that speaks to today s gener... (more)
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Jonathan Carswell
Ten true stories of international students coming to know Jesus. Uncovering the World is filled with amazing stories of Jesus transforming lives. In straightforward language, Jonathan relates the true accounts of international students who have discovered the Gospel. Each chapter tells their st... (more)
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Chris Rogers
Journalist Chris Rogers exposed the scandal of abuse and neglect in East European orphanages and brought hope to over a million forgotten children. In 2006, Chris Rogers, armed with hidden cameras smuggled himself into State-run orphanages in Romania, finding proof that the appalling treatment o... (more)
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Derek Prime
During recent decades, it has become the practice of Christians in many churches and in university and college Christian Unions to commit one another to God’s grace and care with the words ‘May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us ... (more)
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Clairmont, P
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Claire Pedrick / Andy Morgan
Exams, parents, peers, the media, money, drugs, sibling rivalry, other religions! This book offers down-to-earth, practical advice to help deal with all this and more, and shows just how to handle all the pressure. It also takes a realistic look at some of the age-old 'thorny questions' young Christ... (more)
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Lynne Broadbent / John Logan
More information on Under the Bodhi Tree : A Story for Wesak
Lynne Broadbent / John Logan
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Tells the story of a pioneering work in the beautiful but ravaged Portuguese Algarve. Keenly aware of their Christian responsibility for the environment and towards their neighbours, Peter and Miranda Harris learn from scratch about cross-cultural evangelism, community living and conservation. The A... (more)
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Vanauken, Sheld