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Stephen Clark
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Horner, Sammy
Our bodies have been amazingly designed, but sometimes they don't always work the way we want them to. Doctors have a way of knowing what the problem is, even if we don't. Did you know there is one Doctor who knows you, from head to toe, from inside out? He knows how you feel, and can help you. Take... (more)
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Martin, Nancy
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Holland, Tom
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Ronald Blythe
These reflections weave together literature, poetry, biography, botany, nature and scripture to offer incisive comment on contemporary life. Resonating with the pattern of the natural and litugical year, it provides a commentary on experiencing the sacred day to day.
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Sarah Thorley
"Talking Together" takes as its starting point a classroom setting where children of all the mainstream religions (and of those with no religion, as this voice also needs to be heard) speak together about their beliefs and practices. The emphasis is on what we can share rather than compare, with the... (more)
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Sarah Thorley
This is a book to encourage young people to explore the religious dimension of matters which are relevant to them in their everyday lives. It offers the opportunity to clarify some puzzles, challenge some prejudices, expand horizons and enable personal encounters and spiritual growth. Through taking... (more)
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Learn the basics of prayer, Bible study, and church life through these four simple lessons. SIMPLE, SOLID TRUTHS FOR NEW BELIEVERS What could be more important for someone who's just getting started in the Christian life than prayer, the church, and the Bible? This study focuses on these basic... (more)