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Jonathan Gallagher / Ana Gallagher
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Martha Pope-Gorris
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Rick Osborne
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Reggie Joiner
When parents work in tandem with the faith community to raise their children, they increase their parenting capacity exponentially. Most parents have so many demands on their time that they can't be the kind of parent they desire to be. They need to know the Orange Factor: Two combined influences... (more)
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Nicky Lee & Sila Lee
How can we pass on our values to our children? How and where do we set the boundaries? Drawing on their own experience of bringing up four children and having talked to thousands of parents on their parenting courses, Nicky and Sila Lee bring fresh insights and time-tested values to the task of p... (more)
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Castleman, R
There's a big difference between training your children to be quiet in church and teaching them the joy of worship. Castleman believes kids should be involved-and offers down-to-earth advice (with a touch of humor) on how to inspire them to fully participate, from toddlerhood through the teen years.... (more)
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William T Slonecker
William T. Slonecker, a pediatrician who practiced for forty-three years, unlocks a treasure chest of wisdom as he shares a Christian perspective on parenting. Slonecker urges parents to balance love and authority, using firm discipline to set boundaries for the child. Though based on the Bible's te... (more)
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Foster Cline / Jim Fay
Learn how to parent your teens without nagging or yelling while preparing them for a responsible adulthood.