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Lewis, Aaron D
Will you ever reach your goals?You're too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, too white, or too black. You've heard it all your life... You're just not good enough!Now is the time to break out of the mold that people's words have made for you. Now is the time to journey toward your goals, no matter ... (more)
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Peter Madden
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Marnie Wooding
Each story in this volume of the "One-Minute Bible for Kids" series includes a key Bible verse and discussion questions, plus trivia, jokes and fun facts that entertain as they teach. This collection affirms young Christians' sense of worth with stories about children in the Bible, some familiar and... (more)
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Ed Strauss
Here's a Bible reference kids will actually want to read! This fully-illustrated book for 8-12-year-olds provides over 800 interesting, fun entries on the people, places, and ideas of scripture.
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Tracy M Sumner
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Nick Harding
Discover the key issues children face today - at home, school, through TV, music and books - and help them find the good and God in their world.
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Tracey Sumner
Here’s a Bible reference kids will actually want to read! Kids love to explore, and the Kids’ Guide to God’s Creation will lead them on a journey of discovery. This fully-illustrated book for 8–12-year-olds covers the earth, space, the human body—all of God’s great big creation! Starting with the Bi... (more)