More information on Jeremiah (Chalice Commentary for Today)
Jorge Pixley
In clear, non-technical language, Pixley engages both the world of the Bible and the present world in a dialogue between scripture, tradition, culture, and a vision of a God who is passionately involved with the full life of the world. In this commentary on the book of Jeremiah, Pixley works from th... (more)
More information on Jeremiah (Cover to Cover Bible Study)
John Houghton
Jeremiah was a remarkable prophet of judgment and hope. Divinely called as a youth, his 40-year ministry foretold and witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem and the deportation to Babylon. He saw this as the judgment of God upon a nation that had abandoned its covenant with Yahweh for the worship of... (more)
More information on Jeremiah / Lamentations (NIV Application Commentary)
Dearman, John
Jeremiah/Lamentations, which is part of the NIV Application Commentary Series, helps readers learn how the messages of Jeremiah and Lamentations can have the same powerful impact today that they did when they were first written.
More information on Jeremiah 21-52
John L Mackay
A Commentary on the book of Jeremiah. Volume 1 looks at Chapters 1 - 20, while Volume 2 looks at Chapters 21 - 52.
More information on Jeremiah and Lamentations: An Ironside Expository Commentary
H. A. Ironside
Devotional, practical, and Christ-centered commentaries by one of the most creative and articulate expositors of the twentieth century.
More information on Jeremiah: Chapters 1-20
John L Mackay
A Commentary on the book of Jeremiah. Volume 1 looks at Chapters 1 - 20, while Volume 2 looks at Chapters 21 - 52. 'Professor Mackay's commentary on Jeremiah is trebly welcome: first, from his earlier work on Exodus (in this series) we know that he will take the highest view of Scripture as the W... (more)
More information on Jeremiah: Interpretation - Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching
R E Clements
This critical assessment of the Book of Jeremiah enables the reader to rediscover many of the most profound and relevant features of Jeremiah's message and of the agonies and fears of those to whom it was first given. The picture that emerges of such a prophet is an intensely moving one, often at va... (more)
More information on Jericho Sanction, The
Oliver North / Joe Musser
Oliver North follows his best-selling novel Mission Compromised with a suspenseful, action-packed sequel set in Israel and Iraq. Lt. Col. Peter Newman (USMC) and his family are threatened when his cover is blown. While preparing for a clandestine U.S. mission to find Iraqi nuclear weapons, Newman’s ... (more)