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Higgs, Liz Curt
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Todd Hafer / Jedd Hafer
More information on Bad Memories - Getting Past Your Past
Robert J James
When past sins haunt us, we prefer to forget. The author reminds us that God wants to redeem our memories and transform us in significant ways.
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Alan Parry
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Alan Parry
More information on BADLY BEHAVED BIBLE Thinking Again About The Story Of Scripture
Nick Page
The Bible is known as the scriptural bedrock of the Christian faith – it’s marvellous, it’s uplifting, it’s a joy to read – but, while we know this is how we’re supposed to feel about the Bible, in reality most of us find the very opposite. On opening the Bible, we are faced with a multitude of... (more)
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Oswald Chambers
More information on Bailey's Peoria Problem (Camp Club Girls #6)
Linda Carlblom
What can be tamer than spending time with a bunch of sheep? When Bailey and Alexis visit a cousin’s sheep ranch, they expect a low-key, relaxing hiatus from every day life. Instead, they’re thrust into the throes of a missing millionaire, code-infested animals, and hapless cries for help. It’s "shea... (more)
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The Baker Bible Handbook for Kids is an attention-grabbing book that takes young readers through the history and big ideas of the bible. This handbook is written for kids eight and up and includes hundreds of color illustrations, points of interest, and important biblical concepts.