More information on A companion Guide to Embracing Grace
McKnight, Scot
In Scot McKnight's inspirational Embracing Grace, he shows how the gospel is designed to restore humans to union with God and communion with others. This helpful Companion Guide will walk readers through each chapter of the book and make concrete suggestions of how to allow Christ's message to truly... (more)
More information on A Companion to Bede
J. Robert Wright
The Venerable Bede completed the earliest history of Christianity in England early in the eighth century. In prose both fascinating and unique, Bede described the beginnings, development, and spread of Christianity in Britain. Now in this century, J. Robert Wright offers a comprehensive and reliable... (more)
More information on A Cool Drink of Water
Edward Grinnan
Compiled from the best-loved articles from Guideposts magazine, A Cool Drink of Water: Inspiring True Stories to Refresh Your Spirit will rejuvenate you with its true stories—from everyday people—celebrating what matters most in life. Take a cool drink of water for your spirit through these inspiri... (more)
More information on A Cousin's Challenge
Wanda Brunstetter
Jolene Yoder returns to Indiana to teach lip reading and sign language to the newly deaf Amish man Lonnie Hershberger. As she begins falling for Lonnie, Jolene wonders if she'll ever see "signs" of his love for her. Lovelorn Lonnie is fighting his attraction to Jolene, especially since she seems smi... (more)
More information on A Cousin's Prayer (Indiana Cousins)
Wanda Brunstetter
Kumme home to Amish country, where a young woman strives to break free of the bondage of fear and find love again.
More information on A Cousin's Promise (Indiana Cousins #1)
Wanda Brunstetter
For better or worse, Loraine wants to be Wayne’s wife, but if he won’t agree, should she promise her love to Jake? How will God work to bring Loraine the true desires of her heart?
More information on A Crown in the Stars (Genesis Trilogy Book 3)
K Barnett-Gramckow
A Crown in the Stars follows the growing rebellion of mankind as the tribes of the earth continue building the great tower begun by Nimr-Rada (commonly known as Nimrod). After the Most High Himself thwarts their plans by confounding human speech, He comforts His followers by revealing to them the id... (more)
More information on A Daily Dose Of Mercy 365 Daily Reflections
Don Stephens
'And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.' Micah 6:8 NIV This booklet contains 365 short daily devotions on the theme of mercy. Each day's reading will take about one minute to read, and is accompanied by a short scripture passage and a... (more)
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More information on A Daughter's Journey Home: Finding a Way to Love, Honor and Connect...
Linda S Mintle
Many women can identify with the sentiment, "I love my mom, BUT . . ." A Daughter's Journey Home pinpoints commonly faced issues with moms and daughters while giving practical insight on how to make connections with Mom that will stand the test of time.