More information on Blood Of Heaven
Myers, Bill
Mysterious blood has been discovered on the remains of an ancient religious artifact. Some believe it is the blood of Christ. And experiments with specific genes from the blood have brought surprising findings. Now it’s time to introduce those genes into a human.Enter Michael Coleman: multiple kille... (more)
More information on Descending Into Greatness
Hybels; Wilkins
Learning to put God's kingdom first by choosing to put self second is the secret to finding true satisfaction, according to Willow Creek's Bill Hybels. The is the condensed version recorded on cassette by the author himself.
More information on Inside The Mind Of Unchurched
Strobel, Lee
A book that enables Christians and Christian leaders to understand the unchurched Christians and how their churches can become effective in evangelism. This condensed audio version of the book is read by the author.
More information on Nicolae: An Experience in Sound and Drama (Left Behind # 3)
Tim LaHaye / Jerry Jenkins
Nicolae: An Experience in Sound and Drama is a collection of twelve half-hour audio dramas that give Left Behind fans an entirely different experience with the story. These segments focus completely on the story and plot in Nicolae. They will also be aired on radio stations across the country.
More information on Assassins (Audio Cd) Set Of 3
Tim LaHaye
The best-selling Christian fiction series of all time, Left Behind, reaches a crescendo in this gripping book when Nicolae Carpathia is assassinated, setting the stage for the Great Tribulation.
More information on Indwelling, The (Audio Cd)
Tim LaHaye
The Indwelling, book number seven in the best-selling Left Behind series, marks the beginning of the second half of the seven year Tribulation period. The question of who killed Nicolae at the end of book number six, Assassins, will be answered. Readers will experience the horrors of God's judgment ... (more)
More information on Soul Harvest: An Experience in Sound and Drama (Left Behind # 4)
Tim Lahaye / Jerry Jenkins
Retail package in both CD and cassette formats Twelve segments, each 25 minutes Each character portrayed by a professional radio drama actor
More information on Second Touch: Unabridged Audio CD
Bodie Thoene / Brock Theone
Be transported once again to the dark and tumultuous times of first-century Jerusalem. Return to the story of Peniel, the no-longer-blind beggar who still longs for the connection of home and family. Meet new characters like Lily, Cantor, and Rabbi Ahava, who hold on to hope in spite of their devast... (more)
More information on First Light - Series: A.D. Chronicles (CD)
Bodie Thoene / Brock Thoene
A.D. Chronicles is a series with the potential to reach beyond the avid fiction reader market. These books will transport readers back to the First Century A.D. where they will become immersed in the culture of Jesus' day, gaining fresh insight to the richness of the scriptures, the intense longing ... (more)
More information on Visitation, The
Peretti, Frank
A weeping crucifix brings healing to a severely crippled man. A mysterious visitor appears to a distraught woman, assuring her that God has heard her plea for a miracle. A group of worshippers see Christ in the clouds. Are these miracles a sign that God is speaking to His people in the last days? ... (more)