More information on Dreaming of Iceland: The Lure of a Family Legend
Sally Magnusson
This first hand account of their emotional journey to her father's birthplace provides a beautifully written and very readable account of the geography, history, legend and pure contradiction of Iceland and her people's traditions and modern way of life. This engaging book allows you to explore the ... (more)
More information on Glorious Things: My Hymns for Life
Sally Magnusson
Writer and TV personality Sally Magnusson has compiled her own selection of favourite hymns and in each case gives a very personal account of what the particular hymn means to her. “The hymns with the strongest grip on our affections are frequently those we sang, or had sung to us, as childre... (more)
More information on Desperate House Lies
Sally Marcey
Think you're not the cheating kind? Convinced it could never happen to you? Most women never consciously decide to cheat, yet it can happen to even the most dedicated wife. How? Why? A series of seemingly harmless choices iwll lead you straight down that dangerous, dead-end path. Here are the common... (more)
More information on Every Pilgrim's Guide to Lourdes
Sally Martin
The format for the Every Pilgrim's Guides is tried and tested and combines a mix of practical information for travellers, the history and background of the places featured, plus devotional commentary, prayers and readings appropriate for pilgrims today. Lourdes is universally known throughout the Ca... (more)
More information on Skills for Collaborative Ministry
Sally Nash
Contemporary mission and ministry, as well as best practice in secular government, emphasise partnership and working together. Yet this can be easier said than done. At its best, working together brings energy and synergy and enables you to achieve something you could never do alone. At its worst, i... (more)
More information on All Things Give God Glory
Sally Rena / Timothy Radcliffe
This beautiful anthology has been collected over a number of years. The compilers have assembled texts from a vast range of sources; Sally Rena, in particular, has endured much personal hardship and loss - the origins of this anthology lie in her own personal needs. As she coped with the problems sh... (more)
More information on 1 & 2 Samuel (NIV Application Commentary)
Sally Stewart
1, 2 Samuel which is part of the NIV Application Commentary Series is a commentary on 2 books that have much to say to the 21st century concept of sin, repentance, forgiveness, and life under the lordship of God.
More information on Walking the Labyrinth: A Spiritual and Practical Guide
Sally Welch
The labyrinth is one of the most ancient tools for spiritual growth and development, dating back to medieval Christianity, and is currently enjoying a popular revival, especially in contemporary Fresh Expressions of church. This illustrated book is for beginners and seasoned labyrinth explorers ali... (more)