More information on Becoming Your Favorite Church
H. B. London Jr. / Neil B. Wiseman
Finally, a plan to involve every member in the ministry of the church and create strong bonds between pastor and lay leaders. This book provides a plan for a well-coordinated effort of coaching and teamwork the way Jesus modeled the Church with His disciples. If you want to be part of a church where... (more)
More information on Blood Covenant, The
H. Clay Trumbull
The original, recognized, authoritative resource for old-world covenants. The only book cited by the Encyclopedia Britannica as a source for information on Covenants, and Covenanting in Blood. The Blood Covenant is in fact one of the least understood, and yet most relevant covenants for our understa... (more)
More information on The Threshold Covenant
H. Clay Trumbull
This sequel to the Blood Covenant will give deeper understanding to the role of Threshold Covenants in Scripture, including the surprising revelation of the Passover Covenant! How did Moses and the Israelites know what was meant when they heard God say 'It is the Lord's Passover?' Why did God requir... (more)
More information on The Salt Covenant
H. Clay Trumbull
The original source book for information about covenanting in salt and its significance. Draws from the scriptural uses of covenants of salt and blood in the Bible. Why is Salt a substitute for Blood in making covenants? Why did Lot's wife become a pillar of Salt? Why does Jesus refer to his followe... (more)
More information on Living Together as Lutherans
H. George Anderson / Herbert W. Chilstrom / Mark S. Hanson
Contributions from the first three presiding bishops of the ELCA • Originated in the Hein Fry Lecture series.
More information on Communication @ Work
H. Norman Wright
So many of us today feel hopelessly isolated-lonely, misunderstood and unable to connect meaningfully with the people we meet at the store, at the office, at church, even at home! America's best-known Christian counselor Norm Wright tackles this modern-day malady in an important new book, Communicat... (more)
More information on A Woman's Forbidden Emotion
H. Norman Wright / Gary J. Oliver
The authors show women how owning, expressing, and using their anger can be both necessary and beneficial to bring about needed change.
More information on Healing Grace for Hurting People
H. Norman Wright / Larry Renetzky
Practical Steps for Restoring Broken Relationships. Many Christians live in the misery of bitterness, unforgiveness and trauma caused by spouses, parents, grandparents or others who have sinned against them. Although the pain can seem unending, there is hope for those who seek healing grace to cover... (more)
More information on Intelligent Design 101: Leading Experts Explain the Key Issues
H. Wayne House
Intelligent Design 101 brings together leading scholars and researchers from the fields of science and intelligent design studies, such as Michael Behe and Phillip Johnson. Their detailed and insightful essays form an introduction to intelligent design, from the basics of the theory, to its history ... (more)
More information on Healing Grace For Hunting People: Practical Steps For Restoring Broken
Are you one of the millions in this country who suffer from the pain of a dysfunctional family, rejection, divorce, addiction, abuse, anger, bitterness and resentment? Is this ruining your life and your relationships? Many Christians live in the misery of bitterness, unforgiveness and trauma caused ... (more)