More information on Unfolding the Mystery
Abbot Hugh Gilbert
The Liturgy is the summit and source of the Church's life, said the Second Vatican Council, and the liturgy unfolds its riches within an annual pattern: the Church's year. Here our life, lived in time, can meet and mingle with the life of Christ communicated in time. In Benedictine monasteries, the ... (more)
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Abby Guinness / Michele Guinness
Behind every great man there’s a woman who has to put up with him. Now the unheard women of the Bible speak out in an imaginative collection of monologues, setting the story straight from their unique perspective. From the amusing to the moving, the arresting to the irreverent, intriguingly char... (more)
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First published nearly forty years ago and having been translated into numerous languages, this classic text is written by a Benedictine monk whose Christianity was profoundly enriched by his encounter with Hindu spirituality. Described by its author as 'a little book to help Christians in their inn... (more)
More information on Kemi's Journal
Abidemi Sanusi
The spiritual journey of a young professional highflier who has been a Christian for just one year. A slice of zany London life as only a twenty-something born-again believer might see it. Kemi struggles with her career, her mixed-race family, and her non-believing ex-boyfriend, until an unplanned p... (more)
More information on Zack's Story: On Life, Love and Everything
Abidemi Sanusi
Zack struggles with being a new Christian, a new husband and a new father all at once. Will he and Kemi survive his unreal expectations and the maelstrom of their marriage? In this much awaited sequel to Kemi's Journal, readers get to hear Zack's side of the story. Welcome to Zack's world - he didn'... (more)
More information on Secret Scars: One Woman's Story of Overcoming Self-Harm
Abigail Robson
A young girl's story of her journey through self-harm and related disorders to a life of freedom. From five years old, Abbie didn't know who she was supposed to be. To deal with her lack of identity she turned to self-harm, using it as a form of control. Eventually she began the painstaking process... (more)
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he thought of living in a black-and-white world forever, made Benji Brook and Flo Knightly feel as hollow as the trunk of their favourite tree. It seemed to them, that since the colour had gone, the joy had left the people of Kingswick.But like Grandpa Jo had always said, 'There’s more to life than ... (more)
More information on What Jesus Did (5pk)
A resource for young people with moderate learning difficulties, this pack of five books provides a simple and clear presentation of who Jesus is and what He did. It contains a teacher's "how to use" leaflet including a useful assembly outline.
More information on The Sabbath: Its Meaning for the Modern Man
Abraham J. Heschel
Elegant, passionate, and filled with the love of God's creation, Abraham Hoshua Heschel'sThe Sabbathhas been hailed as a classic of Jewish spirituality ever since its original publication in 1951-and has been read by thousands of people of many faiths seeking meaning in modern life. In this brief ye... (more)