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Jenny Baker
To have a faith that thrives, young people need a vibrant spirituality. Covering key issues, this will give them the opportunity to discuss their opinions, analyse their beliefs, find out what the Bible says and decide how they want to live. In addition to the meeting guide, there are three extra se... (more)
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Willmott, Rev
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Williams, F
One of the few surviving members of the cast of "Dad's Army" -arguably the most successful TV comedy series of all time - tells his richly entertaining story. In real life, Frank Williams is a committed Anglican, is a member of General Synod and was on the Crown Appointments Committee for many years... (more)
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Williams / Gidney
He is one of the best known faces in television comedy, yet the long-suffering vicar of Walmington-On-Sea is in real life a Christian of deep conviction. Perfectly cast as the eccentric vicar, constantly tetchy at the invasion of his church hall by Captain Mainwaring and the elderly platoon, he appe... (more)
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Jack Cavanaugh
The seventh book in the popular adult fiction series, "An American Family Portrait, The Victors" follows the path of a new generation of the Morgan family. Four siblings are caught up in the events of World War II, and each will handle the challenge differently. Nat, Walt, Alex, and Lily must face l... (more)
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Potgieter, P.
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Bethel Music
Bethel Music's latest album VICTORY features 14 confident declarative songs recorded live at Bethel Church. The album is inspired by the story of King Jehoshaphat and the unlikely victory won by sending worshipers to the front lines of battle in 2 Chronicles 20:22 "As they began to sing and praise t... (more)
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Charles Trumbull
“To me, to live is Christ.” —Philippians 1:21 Can Christians ever “win” if the Christian life is a drudgery of ups and downs? Where only some days we conquer our sinful desires, and only sometimes we succeed at loving unconditionally? No. That’s counterfeit success, if any is found in such a... (more)
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Bill Subritzky
Bill Subritzky has dedicated his life to evangelism and teaching the Word of God. Victory in Jesus is his comprehensive teaching on discipleship and practical Christian living. In this book he teaches on six basic truths essential for effective and power-filled Christianity: - Repentance - Faith tow... (more)
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Leahy, Frederic