More information on Uncommon Decency
Richard J Mouw
Philosopher and ethicist Richard Mouw is concerned that, too often, Christians seem to be contributing more to the problem than to the solution. But he recognizes - from his own struggle - that it's not easy too hold to Christian convictions and treat sometimes vindictive opponents with civility an... (more)
More information on Uncommon Games & Icebreakers with CDROM
Jim Burns
Youth workers can turn their youth groups into dynamic, exciting events that kids will actually look forward to with the great ideas found in Uncommon Games and Icebreakers. In this practical resource, leaders will find dozens of innovative, group-tested ideas for fun games and original icebreakers.... (more)
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Vawter, John
More information on Uncommon Sense: For Real Women in the Real World
Suzette Brawner / Jill Brawner Jones
Too often, common sense is drowned out in a world flooded by e-mails, the Internet, and quick answers. In our modern compulsion to know and do everything right now, we can often forget the lessons that life has taught us through time and experience. In Uncommon Sense, award-winning author Suzette Br... (more)
More information on Uncommon Worship
Nick Fawcett
Language is typically the be-all and end-all in worship, our other senses rarely are engaged. Here, there are 25 themed services exploring facets of our humanity and how these relate to God. Some services focus on sight, sound, scent, taste and touch; others celebrate music, humour, poetry and drama... (more)
More information on Uncommon Youth Ministry: Your Onramp to Launching an Extraordinary You
Jim Burns
Strong, healthy, godly relationships are the key ingredient in a youth ministry that transforms the hearts and lives of twenty-first-century teens. In Uncommon Youth Ministry, veteran youth minister Jim Burns gives you all the tools you need to shape a ministry focused on connecting you with God, t... (more)
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More information on Uncovered: True Stories of Changed Lives
Jonathan Carswell
Eleven true stories of students coming to know Jesus. Meet: Umesh - who had to reject all his family's traditions to follow the truth. Craig - who held onto God's love despite being paralysed playing rugby. Kate - who had to grapple with the biblical view of sexuality on a very personal level. ... (more)