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More information on Paradox in the Gospel? (EV 74)
Life and the gospel contain a good deal of paradox, but a survey has showed that evangelists often ignore it. Here Jim Currin wants to stir a discussion to make evangelism more effective, in the belief that acknowledging paradox makes the gospel more relevant to today's spiritual seeker.
More information on Paradoxology
Krish Kandiah
An intelligent, rigorous examination of the paradoxes that lie at the heart of the Christian faith.
More information on Parallel Bible Hebrew / English
Hendrickson Publishers now offers our new edition of the Hebrew Bible, The Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia, in parallel columns with the King James Version of the Bible resulting in a brand new Hebrew-English Bible that is ideally suited for students of the Bible. It is perfect for classroom work and... (more)
More information on Parallel Lives : The Relation Of Paul To The Apostles In The
Clark, Andrew C
This book thoroughly investigates the parallels between Peter and Paul and relates this phenomenon to the wider issue of a "prophetic paradigm" evident in parallels between other key figures found in Luke and Acts. Dr. Clark analyzes the history of research, the criteria for assessing parallels, and... (more)
More information on Parent Lifesaver, The
Cartmell, Todd
A positive, biblically grounded approach to child rearing that offers practical methods for developing a parenting plan.
More information on Parenthood
Bill Hybels
This practical, hands-on discussion guide designed for use in small groups helps you create a home where children can thrive. You'll develop confidence and competence in your role as a parent, and enjoy watching your kids grow into vibrant, godly adults.