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Andrew McDonough
Giving glory and praise to God is much more important that an old fight between brothers. After hearing the angels’ good news that Jesus had been born, Jed and Roy McCoy set aside their fight and run to praise the Lord!
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A powerful first novel in a series about three lifelong friends. Jenny is a young widow struggling with grief over the sudden loss of her husband and the subsequent deception she discovers. The love and support of her two best friends help Jenny find the healing love her heavenly Father longs to giv... (more)
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Jensen Irving L
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Harry Winer (Dir)
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The Preaching the Word commentary series is noted for its unqualified commitment to biblical authority and clear exposition of Scripture. This installment, in which Philip Ryken explores the words and life of the Weeping Prophet, is no exception. With the heart of a pastor and the knowledge of a sch... (more)
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Elmer A Martens
The Believers Church Bible Commentary Series is based on the conviction that God is still speaking to all who will listen, and that the Holy Spirit makes the Word a living and authoritative guide for all who want to know and do God's will. Each volume illuminates the Scripture; provides historical a... (more)
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Jorge Pixley
In clear, non-technical language, Pixley engages both the world of the Bible and the present world in a dialogue between scripture, tradition, culture, and a vision of a God who is passionately involved with the full life of the world. In this commentary on the book of Jeremiah, Pixley works from th... (more)